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Executive Coaching

TeamsWork: Coaching Good Bosses to be Great Ones

“There go my people.  I must follow them, for I am their leader.”

 - Mahatma Ghandi


Randy Rowland

Randy Rowland builds highly functioning teams using his real-world leadership experience and his training in Psychological Type and Emotional Intelligence.


8 Tips for Crisis Leadership

  1. Know Thyself
  2. Build Trust in all relationships
  3. Listen more than you speak
  4. Don't waste a good crisis
  5. Provide training in communication and collaboration
  6. Establish priorities and communicate them to the team you are leading
  7. Aim for early wins.
  8. Demonstrate continuous learning

No sense in wasting a perfectly good crisis… take a look at these 8 easy steps to help your organization through a crisis.  

Smart Management

Looking for a CEO Coach with Leadership, Financial and Business Acumen ALL in ONE PLACE?  

(You’ve just found him…)

Whether you’re looking for Executive-level coaching or are facing the departure of the CEO, TeamsWork is dedicated to helping boards of directors navigate your company through the turbulence.  The departure of a CEO doesn’t have to throw a company into crisis mode. TeamsWork helps organizations navigate leadership voids:

Satisfied clients of TeamsWork report that the benefit of obtaining quality executive coaching or excellent interim leadership far outweigh the costs of the preceding headaches.  TeamsWork steps in with quality, hard-to-find leadership, financial and business acumen all in one package to seamlessly guide your organization from turmoil to success.

30 Minute PRIVATE Complimentary Consultation    


You’ve been handed the keys to the kingdom - the CEO, the Captain of  the Ship.  Come to TeamsWork because you are:

Randy Rowland